Misguided Nonsense

Remind me never to move to San Francisco even though the city boasts that once you visit "you'll want to move there." SF is cool as hell (and that's exactly what I said when I visited the city when I was 16) but it's run by a bunch of communistic nanny-state do-gooders goof balls it seems. In fact, isn't all of California under this spell?


How far is too far?

Some San Fran "supervisor" has decided that he will intervene and legislate McDonald's provide healthier options for their Happy Meals or else they will not be allowed to give out toys "for marketing" purposes.

What nonsense.

Aside from the fact I can't stand when government involves itself in business, this is misguided. Yes, on the surface this is a good thing but dig a little deeper and all it is is government dictating what people and businesses should be doing.

 First of all, it's not McDonald's fault parents don't take care of their kids. Don't like advertising directed a kids? Ban it. It's not like it hasn't been before. It reminds me of the cigarette bans. It may seem like a good thing but all it is is trampling on personal rights. Parents alone are responsible for their kids.

For example, I take my kid to Wendy's every once in a while. We're mindful that it's not the best thing but we're not there every week and I'm sure many families take moderation seriously like we do as well. So why should we get penalized? Oh wait. In a nanny-state it's the assholes who have to be protected and the responsible people have to be screwed.

My daughter eats like a champion at home. Her diet is a healthy one. I don't need no bureaucrat to tell me how to eat and I sure am fed up of having to pay the price for the idiots who freely don't. If anything, I'll teach the bureaucrat how to eat.

As to the point of government legislating to protect people from themselves as a preventative measure. That's fine up to a point. But should they now demand we sleep eight hours since it can help prevent - can is the operative word since some people don't need to sleep eight hours - future health issues? How is this particular measure (it's a toy for fucksakes) going to be helpful?

It's not. People will do as they see fit with their kids. And that means they'll do things we won't like. Does this guy actually think the parents will stop and think and go "well, that's true, Timmy take that carrot!" No, they'll just shift their business elsewhere. Bad habits and vices are a part of human nature.

Deal with it.

At this point, why don't we just have the government mandate us to eat "health pills" delivered to us each month by a civil servant?

The best thing we can do is EDUCATE and that's it. Enough of coercing people. What people who support this crap fail to grasp is this: The government's job is to defend citizens and protect people's rights and property. Not actively engage by meddling in private business and matters.

I understand it's a dicey question and people will consider both sides. I'm less inclined to do so. Liberals often say, "the state has no business in the bedroom." Well, that's true. And they have no business in the kitchen either.

One other thing. We should be careful about demonizing and mandating against certain natural ingredients like saturated fat. Humans need saturated fat like we find in peanuts. S-fats are not trans-fat and shouldn't be seen treated as such.

Nothing in excess and you're fine. If people want to be excessive then so be it.


What these people should be doing is investigating why every food seems to have "corn" or corn-based ingredients. Start with Monsanto.

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