Obama Saves GM? Yikes!


Not too many articles leave me speechless (the last one was on Huffington Post by some associate professor talking about how "rational" liberals were) but this one did. It's funny. Whenever liberals venture into the world of business and finance they sound like children or like they never took a business course in their lives.

Or, if you prefer a pop culture reference, it should remind you of Kramer when he worked for a corporation for free but had to be let go because his reports were like "he had no business training."

Peter Beinart is the latest writer to step up the with the kool-aid brigade uncritically claiming - through superficial stats - Obama "saved" GM. The author mixes blind partisan ideology with business as well as any conservative ideologue.


Now for something a little more mature. Business Week puts it into better perspective.

A couple of things to note. One, Ford didn't get a bail out. Two, Chrysler's turnaround is under FIAT's watch.

All Obama did was inject some cash like a an athlete injects steroids. Short term profits don't ensure long-term viability and on that front GM has major issues.

At least socialists make an effort to report free of Obamanitis (in fact, they're not fans of his) as evidenced in the article below about GM and the union execs.

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