Music Sunday

Some songs stop The Commentator straight up. Like 'Ooh-la-la' by Faces (The Faces; Ronnie Lane was awesome wasn't he?) or 'Blue Sky' by The Allman Brothers or as we see in the clip, 'Maggie May.'
"Love, you haven't touched your sushi. Love?"

I don't eat sushi.

Just a superb cover of McCartney's hit:

Speaking of The Beatles. I remember when people used to ask, "Lennon or McCartney?" I never liked the way people always felt the need to divide people up. The best answer to that is Lennon AND McCartney. BOTH were indispensible to the band. One without the other and The Beatles aren't The Beatles.

The "debate" became more heated after Lennon died. I'm sure McCartney was impressed.


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