Reform A Better Option

I keep hearing we have to "reduce" the size of the government. In theory, I would like nothing more, but in practical terms, where to decide what gets cut? Is this possible without some major pain? Nonetheless, it doesn't mean there aren't government offices and departments that could easily and deservedly be nixed. It would take some kind of honesty between government and citizens to make this happen.

Pragmatically speaking, we'd probably be better off by trying to make the public sector work more efficiently. One way to do this is change the culture so that civil servants think and act like those in the private sector. It's deliberately vague I know but no one is paying me to delve further into this. My point is, civil servants can be made to be far more responsive and efficient. Reform, retrain and reinvigorate.

Where we can't be efficient, we must not allow more government agencies to open.

I see signs of it going that route in some cases but overall there's more we can do.

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