California Public Sector Bubble

The thread on this post, towards the middle to end, actually goes into the government v. corporation thing.

A public sector employee earning 800 k? That can't be so, can it?

Oh wait.


  1. Public officials shouldn't make more than the average household income. It is public service, not a career for building wealth. Frankly, one can get by quite well on 36k per year (the average household income in the US). As long as security is provided free of charge by the state for its officials, I can't see what else one would need much money for if serving the public.

  2. Couldn't agree more.

    It's funny. I earned more than that average and my wife still more. We were in the upper-end if you will yet we felt we were not making money. Then, I quit my job and was unemployed for a few years as a I helped raise my daughter and then got a job at 30k as a copy writer for a bunch of punk ass kids.

    It was weird because I felt like I was not only making money but saving as well despite earning less than my peak period.

    It's psychomological.

    Now I opened a day care and expect to buy and sell people on credit.


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