Progressive Overkill

Salon traces back the origins of the Cordoba House-Ground Zero controversy.

Although I have no idea what the opening sentence means:

"A group of progressive Muslim-Americans plans to build an Islamic community center two and a half blocks from ground zero in lower Manhattan."

Aside from I'm not sure if "Muslim-Americans plans" should be both plural, why did the author add the word "progressive?"

The word progressive is becoming a little over used these days. I hate the fact that on group of people claim to be more "progressive" than others. Talk about presumptuous arrogance. In the context of the article, what exactly makes them "progressive?" It wasn't explained. Is there such a thing as progressive Christianity and would the left ever admit to it? What was the author trying to convey or even influence by constructing his sentence that way? That he's soooo prog in his politics?

Salon: You're really progressive Commentator!
The Commentator: What do you mean I'm progressive? How am I progressive? I'm here to amuse you with my progressiveness? I make you laugh because of my progress? How the fuck am I progressive?"
Salon: I don't know. You're just, you know, progressive. A progressive guy.
Larry the Monkey: Take it easy, T.C.
T.C: No, I'm not gonna take it easy. Salon is a big boy, he can fend for himself. How am I progressive? Because I blog? Maybe I'm fucked up but am I a progressive clown?
Salon: T.C., you're really making it bigger than it really is.
T.C.: Jesus Christ, how am I fucking progressive? You said, I'm progressive..."
Salon: Get the fuck outta here!
T.C: Ha, ha almost had you! Me! Progressive. It is to laugh!


  1. I knew I should come over and act as editor again (two years as a college level writing tutor... my grammar sense was tingling).

    Actually, "plans" is a verb and can't "be...plural," but it is conjugated to fit the noun, which is "group," a singular collective noun modified by the prepositional phrase "of progressive Muslim-Americans." So, it is grammatically correct: "group" is singular, "plans" is conjugated singular ("He/She/It plans," not "They/He and she plan"), but you are correct that Muslim-Americans is plural, it's just not the noun.

    However, "progressive Muslim-Americans" is an oxymoron. There are no progressive Muslims (regardless of the country in which they reside), only Muslims of varying degrees of regress.

  2. This got me thinking of my favorite oxymorons...

    Military intelligence
    Republican party
    Microsoft Works
    Holy war

    Also, it's not an oxymoron, but I think the makers of Stouffer's Chicken Pot Pie should be sued for false advertising.

    I'll sleep on it and think of some more.

  3. Grammar is definitely not my strong suit as you've shown. I'm not sure I follow though. Then I'm right to question the use of "Muslim-Americans plans?" To me, plan should be singular.

    -What about 'Democratic party?'


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