Criminals Didn't Get The Gun Registry Memo

"Why don't we have a sex offender registry?" (Julian) Fantino asked angrily. "We have a gun registry. The (federal government) is very busy spending tons of money on the gun registry which is regulating law-abiding citizens, essentially."

The gun registry is just the latest in a long list of well-meaning theories and laws that don't convert well into practicality. To say nothing of the administration costs to run what the former police chief has correctly asserted regulates law-abiding citizens.

Reminds me of the battle against drunk driving. They want to lower the limit to essentially less than one glass of wine. They can put it to 0.00 and there'll still be drunk drivers killing people because alcoholics don't follow rules. It's pointless and I've yet to see a report that supports it works. Even during those traps how many of those people are just one-time offenders who happened to have two beers? I don't think they're the problem at all.

Same with the gun registry. It would have to take a remarkable kind of naive individual to actually believe criminals would register their guns. Moreover, citizens who hold libertarian principles to heart are also likely to ignore the gun registry.

In fact, there are no credible studies or facts that prove the gun registry actually saves or protects lives. All it does is create a fall sense of security. Lotsa finger snapping and shuffling of papers and not much else.

"Our crusading Auditor General, Sheila Fraser, reported on the gun registry and told the public the Canadian Firearms Centre couldn’t provide “evidence-based outcomes” that it works."


"Edmonton cop Const. Randy Kuntz used a police magazine to survey officers across the country on the issue of the gun registry.

He got 2,631 replies and 2,410 of them said the gun registry is useless as a crime fighting tool."

No shit. On the computer it can say "No guns registered on this house" even though it's the house of a known criminal. What will cops do? Walk up eating a doughnut laughing because the data base says the coast is clear?


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  2. I hope it waa you that removed your comment because I didn't. If it's a freak occurence please repost!

  3. The U.S. has generally gone in the gun rights direction these past dozen or so years. Registration is about confiscation, and Canada will have confiscation at some point very soon.

  4. Yeah, they're coming for your guns and then your children...


  5. Confiscation and Mandatory. Two words I loathe.

  6. Don't laugh. Social services have quite a bit of power.


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