Mangos On A Stick

Now I saw it all.

With the streets of St. Laurent boul. closed off to traffic, Montrealers did what they do best: Lay back.

Shop owners from Rachel all the way to Sherbrooke streets were selling all sorts of stuff. In a precious few blocks you could sink you teeth into Portuguese, Italian, Hungarian, Asian - you name it - food. That wasn't it. Musicians, magicians, dancers and an assortment of artists entertained thousands of Mtlers.

So what did I obsess over? Mangos on a stick. Fucking stupid.

But. One man's stupidity is another man's novelty. People were nuts for mango on a stick.

Fruit on a dish? Nah. Put an entire mango on a stick and suddenly people act like it's fucking sliced bread.

"Honey, you never eat mango!"
"Yeah, but now it's on a stick! From now on, I won't anything unless it's on a stick! 2 dollars is that it?"

I don't know why but it bugged me. Maybe because I didn't find rabbit on a stick. Or artichoke on a stick.

"Man, what am I gonna do with all this mango?
"Put it on a stick."
"Don't be stupid."
"Well, I have all these sticks..."

The other thing is the city of Montreal should block off traffic every weekend on one street for one month a year. It can only be good for the economy. No?

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