Economy Not Fixed

I was reading Eugene Robinson earlier. Ooo nelly. The government really has to ban Kool-Aid. Holy crazy stimulus package, Bat-Man! How can any person, let alone a fricken journalist who won a Pooolitser, actually publicly proclaim success on the economy for the Obama adminstration? The more they do it, the worse the picture really is.

Anyway. The chap in the video touched on something that taps into my outlook. For me, recessions are not necessarily a bad thing. It's a way for the economy to self-clean itself. They're as natural as, well, pubic hair. It really shouldn't take a genius to see this. However, it looks like now it does. To this guy, stimulus was a way for the government to misguidingly eliminate recessions. It looked like worked in the post-war era but now, it looks like, the ride is over.

Originally from The Daily Middle.

Where I remaind confused about is, if Obama is anti-business, why does he bail them out? For such an anti-guy, he sure is in bed with them. Don't misunderstand me, his rhetoric doesn't fill me with much hope about free enterprise, but there are some loopholes I'd like filled before I rubber stamp him as such.

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