Confessions Of The Commentator

I have a bad habit. I tend to buy all sorts of things; sesame oil, sweet pickles, olive spread, hummus, red relish, fancy sauces and jams, Nutella, peanut butter, salsa, specialty biscuits and other gourmet items etc. The racks inside the door are stacked with all sorts of shit. I think I have five hot sauces.

I usually start one bottle off and consume it like a depraved lunatic. Then, for some reason, half-way through, some of these items languish for months in the fridge. They sit there. Staring. Forming whatever forms on bottles in fridges. Then the question, "I'm cleaning the fridge. Are you gonna eat this?" "Oh, I forgot about that! I love it! Nah. Throw it out."

I confess, I eat probably 80% of what I buy but sometimes the sweet and sour onions don't make it, you know?


I have a problem with my keyboard. The icon that allows me to type jumps all over the place. I can be typing one line and it jumps to a previous paragraph. If you're not paying attention it can be quite the mess. It's even happened where as I'm furiously typing it jumps to a submit button and actually publishes!

It's a monarchical pain in the divine ass. Someone told me it's a glitch. Is it?

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  1. I have this keyboard problem when using my laptop. The quick fix for me has been to use an inexpensive full size Logitech keyboard attached via USB. This still means I have to type slowly and with care when using my laptop on the road, but docked at home, the attached keyboard (which I like a lot anyway) works perfectly.


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