There's Something About Rush

"Women hate Rush. It's a fact." So my friend proclaimed passing a joint around years ago. Perhaps a tad oversimplification but my own experiences with Rush and the female entity corroborated with him and his red shot, docile green eyes. "Change that please, Commentator" a girl I was dating, oh I don't know, 20 years ago. "Yeah, seriously" my younger sister lamented in agreement. My older sister once removed a Neil Young cassette saying, "his voice fais pas mon affaire." Loosely translated, "his voice just doesn't do it for me."

Iconic Canadian rockers, Rush is a peculiar band to be sure. I've seen Rush live twice in my life. One thing I like to do at concerts is survey the type of crowd and lemme tell ya, Rush has a special fan base. The type of girls Rush attracts are not the ones who watch 'Sex in the City' I reckon.

I don't know why this is so. Is it the Rush "sound" in all its...I still can't describe Rush. They're definitely not progressive (that fucking word again). Progressive rock - what was so damn progressive about it? King Crimson, for example,  is just plain abstract-freaky. Not progressive.

Anyway. Is it the "concept" albums philosophy? Geddy Lee's primal yelp? Or is it because he reminds girls of the mute rocker at the back of the class who wore a tight jean jacket and worn out "Sticky Fingers' t-shirt with headphones wrapped around his neck and tobacco shoes? They say in life there is no black and white. With Rush and critics, there's no such thing as a grey matter. You're either with them or against them.

What is it with Rush that on one hand, they garner one of the biggest most loyal cult fan base in rock history (and I'm talking among Zep, the Dead and Beatles territory here) where they've sold multiple gold and platinum albums (I'm pretty sure they're the most influential Canadian act in history - perhaps The Band is in their league?) and on the other hand, a sneering scathing dislike from critics and intense indifference from casual listeners. Which may explain why this magnificent band is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I know. Just plain stupid.

I have to admit, I'm not a die-hard Rush fan. I guess for me there is shades of grey after all. Some of their songs don't do it for me. Rather, my respect and great admiration of Rush stems from their artistic energy from the lyrics (inspired by Neil Peart) to the wicked hard driving roar of their music. Live, it just can't be three guys can make that kind of poweful musical noise. It just can't. It really is a marvel to behold.

The other thing I love about Rush is there's no over rating them in my mind. Canadians tend to over valuate its artists, not Rush man. These guys are bona-fide cultural giants whose art spans across the globe. Sure, there have been Canadian artists (a small exclusive club I think) that have reached such acclaim and Rush is among them.

Who is Canada's "Beach Boys," or "Bob Dylan?" or "The Beatles?" Is it The Band? The Guess Who? Or is it plain, plump Neil Young? Or is it indeed Rush? I can name a few others but I think this is the short list.


  1. "I can name a few others but I think this is the short list."

    "I will choose free-will!"

  2. Are you referring to the song?

    I replied to the beer comment - for the record. I've been slow in my responses.

    As for Raging Bull, it's a Scorsese film and to some he can do no wrong. I liked the movie.

  3. It will be awesome to see RUSH perform MOVING PICTURES in its entirety. I was able to see Rush 3 times on the original Moving Pictures tour, Max Webster opened for them in Louisville Ky, It was so awesome!! Thanks Ticketwood.com for offering me discounted Rush Tickets . They were using a movie screen behind them that projected really cool images during the show. They were so far ahead of everyone else at the time… and still are.

  4. Anonymous11/02/2012

    Two different styles of music, Rush and Automag. You can't give a true comparison.My last Rush tickets were great! I look forward to seeing and hearing from Rush in whatever venues as he approaches his “Fly by night” of live.


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