Beer Ads

Sometimes (mostly local) Canadian beer commercials annoy me. For example, a micro-brewery will differentiate itself by comparing their product to the large American beer companies. They give the impression that all American beer runs through Bud, Miller and Coors light. The prevailing "brand" strategy is our beer isn't weak and watered down like the American versions. Even though when I go to the States there are an endless amount of micro-breweries (and styles and tastes to go along with that)  to choose from.

Seems to me Canadians should be comparing themselves to the likes of Sam Adams and Brooklyn because the country does actually produce pretty good beer.

It's a classic case of overplaying your own quality and under playing your competitors quality.

I'm no beer connaisseur - I prefer wine - but I've come across some pretty strong American beer in my day that I considered as good - and sometimes better - than anything in Canada.

Aw, what's the point? The Most Interesting Man in the World, who doesn't always drink beer, prefers Dos Equis.


  1. Anonymous8/19/2010

    Yes, American micro-breweries, like Queen City in Staunton and literally thousands of others, make or let you make incredible beers. Still the giant American suds companies make funny commercials for the Super-bowl.

    An Asian proverb: "Even saw dust and bamboo ends have their uses."

  2. Beer ads in general are hilarious.

    I used to love those Miller light commercials in the 80s with Joe Piscopo and Bob Ueker.


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