Obama Back Tracks...Again

Why does President Obama feel the need to interfere in local affairs? I just don't get where he's coming from. He seems to "clarify" his message quite a bit. If it's not Cambridge, it's Arizona and if it's not Arizona it's now NYC. Each time he stands against public sentiment.

From what I understand, New Yorkers get all the constitutional stuff and freedom of religion. They just don't like the location at this time. Can you blame them?

Commenting on the mosque, politically speaking, was unsound in the context of the entire American voting population. I understand his "bigger picture" angle but we all know politicians pick and choose what parts of the constitution they want to defend and which sections to trample on.

It has little to do with leadership and everything to do with sound politics and respect for local communities to decide for themselves what's right. It's not wise politics, indeed in any field, to feel the need to interfere and then have to clarify your statements.

Of course, cynics point out Obama does this to gain the Hispanic (in the case of Arizona) and now Muslim (where his popularity is waning) votes.

In any event.

Let New Yorkers decide.

I like how one guy put it on Reason. And I paraphrase: That's freedom. Don't like it? It's not your right to stop it. They have a legal and constitutional right to be there. Just put up a strip joint and a wine shop or pork butcher on each side of the Mosque.

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