Save The Word Voluntary

Quebec is mulling over making wearing a helmet while cycling mandatory.

There's that word again. I don't know why people choose it over voluntary. I prefer that word. Don't you? If you don't, then get lost. You heard me. Beat it. Your mother wears construction boots.

At this rate, the word voluntary will be a forgotten relic of the English language. As a matter of fact, I thnk it's time to save the word 'volunrary!" But first. Pear juice beckons.

One of the rationales pimped out to defend this idea is because it'll save money for the public health system. A poor excuse indeed. What good is this system if it means we have to take yet more personal liberties away to save some bureaucratic monstrosity money?

More to the point, think of how much money will be spent just campaigning to convince people that wearing helmets as a preventative measure is good for them.? That cost alone will likely be more than the odd person who winds up in the ER. Man, at some point you just have to let life be.

Which brings us right back to the point of the government doing things to "protect" us from ourselves.

All bull shit of course.


  1. Sorry we disagree, if for some very valid reasons.

    One very good argument in favor of people not having to wear helmets is that it kind of let's evolution take over. Survival of the sensible.

  2. I'm a cyclist and started wearing a helmet. As you said, it's sensible.

    However, the government doesn't need to mandate good sense in my opinion.


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