The Ramifications Of Quebec's Archaic Education Laws

Quebec has the dubious distinction of splitting families based on...language. The individual, as I've repeated here many times, is subservient to the collective here. It's a shame Quebec is willing to ruin a child all for language. It's parochial and basically unfair.

These are not my values and I'm sorry for families to have to go through this. Think of it. This reflects poorly on our family values that we're willing to permit this. It's awful and shameful.

Americans thinking of moving here better make sure they understand the laws. Most probably employ a reasonable rational expectation that the government wouldn't do what's "wrong" for people. They'd be wrong. Culture first here. Remember this.

Quebec wants to be independent. Part of independence entails mature behavior. We want to sit at the table among nations. If this is how we think be prepared to be a bit player with little, if any, influence.

I'm sure, I want to believe, my brethren regardless of where they stand politically, would agree this is simply not right.


  1. I'm 100% with you.

  2. That was quick!

    Family comes first. It's the foundation of any vibrant and secure society.


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