Just The Beginning For What Awaits Americans?

If Romney care has morphed into this, what will Obamacare be like?

I just don't get how this can be tolerated.

The ideology takes precedence over the individual.

“It makes no sense to me,” Merlina told The Pulse. “I’m a hard-working, tax-paying guy who can’t afford $800 a month for health insurance, or the $2,000 penalty for not having it, and nobody seems to get this.”

Get this:

"Connector spokesman Dick Powers said Merlina is among the 2,500 people who appealed this year’s fine. About half of those appeals were upheld but mostly for people who had lost their homes to foreclosure, suffered through the death of a spouse or had been a domestic violence victim.

For a working guy like Merlina, it seems there’s no relief in sight."

Pure. Plain. Wrong. In an effort to be egalitarian, we're nothing but.

 It's just not right to do this to people.


  1. There are 14 states which are now fighting, or preparing to fight, the mandate for individual health insurance. A bit of hope. Between the Tea Parties, the Missouri vote on the mandate, and the support for Arizona, maybe things will change.

  2. Under the 'commerce clause' as I understand it.

    It sounds like it has 'some' validity.

  3. Obamacare is the bad idea whose time has come. A lot of ball dropping on the right over then last decade caused this monster to rear up again, and it will be hard to repeal the worst of the law.


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