One Of The Best Sitcoms

I don't site too many influences for this blog but if there is one, it's WKRP and Magnum P.I.. As you can tell by my avatar and my Magnum box. Like a good album or any piece of art, 'KRP just "worked" for me. It didn't seem forced or fake. It felt genuine.

Like Taxi, WKRP had a criminally short run.


  1. We watched this sitcom without fail. It still comes to mind and still brings back memories.

  2. Comedy central used to have reruns but no more. Hopefully someone will pick it up. CC Gold has a bunch of sitcoms I don't care for and Deja Vu same old repetitive stuff I wouldn't pay for. No Taxi, no WKRP, no Cheers. They come and go in cycles on channels.

    Seinfeld is finding its way on those channels. My how time flies.


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