Obamanomics Faltering

If you're an Obama supporter you may want to move along.

More and more it feels like Obama seems to be following the "well if FDR did it and it worked the last time we had this problem then goshdarnnit I'll do too!" line of logic. In other words, he implemented strategies based on the fact they once worked and didn't really ensured it was used right. While I'm suspicious of how politicians spend stimulus, it doesn't mean it can't work but this time around it seems to have had an effect but little impact. In other words, politics determines if stimulus works.

Great, wicked good article from Seeking Alpha:

"However, later in that post I said I also tend to think of Obama as Herbert Hoover more than FDR. Here’s a question: would FDR have made the ‘radical’ choices he did after 1933 had he been President in 1929? No one knows, of course. But, it was certainly easier to make draconian change after a depression was obvious. Obama like Hoover has not witnessed the spectacle of 4 years of economic carnage crushing the human spirit as FDR had done when he became President. But Obama’s people have done him a huge disservice in under-playing the economic misery which this crisis has wrought. And this is the source of his political misery – not the "professional left.""

I posted the last paragraph as a teaser.

What Obama is doing is not only doesn’t he have the money to push his progressive (snicker, snicker) agenda but he then turns around and prints more money through monetary inflation which then leads to higher CPI, which means more taxes, which means people spend less, lose confidence (also called retrenching and then the screen on the TV reads game over as they try to keep as much money as they can for themselves. A simplistic synopsis but is it far off the mark?

But wait. It gets better. If you don't buy insurance in the U.S. as compelled by Obamacare, you will be hit with a fine in a sad economic scenario.


Earth to somebody?


I think this comment is accurate. As you know, the Obama administration rubbed me the wrong way from day one with their willingness to constantly attack the previous administration and their "trigger-happy-finger-pointing" which is only increasing as the economy becomes the main issue.

Just exactly how can "Republican obstructionism" be responsible for anything when Republicans have no effective influence in Congress, no presence whatsoever in the Executive branch, and only 4 reliably-conservative votes in the Supreme Court ?

Failing to defect from decades-long-held Republican positions in order to provide this Democrats of this election cycle with a political fig-leaf doesn't equate to "obstructionism."

It is laughable to hear Democrats - who now hold a stranglehold majority in both the Senate and House as well as the White House - bemoan Washington's "broken" government and the "Party of No" as the stumbing blocks for the enactment of their grand Progressive agenda.

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