Boring Times In Canadian Politics

The on-going census debate is starting to jade my respect for Canadian politics. For the record, I back the Conservatives in making the long-form voluntary by eliminating the threat of jail time and fines. Geez, if this gets Canadians all emotional...what will happen when something really important has to be tackled?

While the other parties agree to the former, they still want to fine citizens. So the conservatives will look to "compromise" and leave the fine in.

Once again, they back down. To some, this is healthy Canadian democracy. It's bull shit to me. It's not democratic when the effen issue is whether to fine us for our private information.

I find this ghastly. If I don't want to answer that's my effen business. Do they honestly believe that libertarian-leaning Canadians are going to offer the "right" information knowing they can be fines? On some level people fight back, you know.  It pisses me off when the government comes to me with a knife at my neck.

And what else is new that the fucking Liberals and NDP would back such nonsense?

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