Canada Faces Possible Tamil Human Smuggling Problem

B.C. authorities boarded a ship with Tamil refugees seeking asylum attempting to enter Canada. Or if you prefer, a case of human trafficking.

I hope our officials follow whatever procedures our laws dictate. We don't want a situation where Canada earns a reputation for pourous borders. For all we know Sri Lanka is trying to dump their problems (the country just went through a brutal civil war) by sneaking them in. I feel for these people, it's a human tragedy to be sure, but we must uphold our immigration laws.

Canadians seem unified on what needs to be done: Break the law, go home.

Watch video here. The anchorwoman is a little impatient but it gives a decent sum up.

Right about now, in the U.S. they'd be called "racist" for wanting to uphold the law.  

Reminds me of this Robin Williams joke:

"Give me your tired and your poor," it would be her with a baseball bat going "You want a piece of me?"

Illegal Mexicans to the south of us, Tamils to the west. Who's next? Who will take the north and east!

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