Gay Bar Next To Mosque

Dunno how realistic this plan is but it's getting a little out of hand. But what if Greg Gutfield succeeds in getting the reaction he wants from them?

If he does and they make a stink about it, double standard at work, no? That's what I'm interested in.

I'm having a blast reading sites like Media Matters and other "progressive" and liberal sites defend religious rights. It's amazing to listen to them strenulously tell people (rightly) to not paint Islam with one brush meanwhile it's all they do with Christianity.

They say the right is insane, I say the left matches them step for step.

The thing I don't get about President Obama is he asserts the Mosque/Community Center/Cordoba/Park51 (or whatever it is they're calling it) has a right to open, yet he's against gay marriage, the right to bear arms and people choosing if they want or need medical insurance?


  1. Obama does not oppose gun ownership. Where do you come up with this stuff? And quit making me defend President Do-Nothing.

    Also, what pansy ass liberals are you talking to? The ones who participated in "Draw Mohammed Day" just a few months ago? I think you're misinterpreting the decision to support a Muslim's right to build what they want on land they own for support of their religion. Good luck finding a left-winger who supports Muslim political issues... if anything, they sound like Republicans to me. They both hate anything involving female equality, gay rights, other faiths (I'm sure they both hate atheists pretty much equally), the sexualization of society, Hollywood... I could keep going if you want.

  2. Basically what I'm saying is... Republicans are threatened by Muslims filling their niche in society. There's only room for one group of reactionary, violent assholes in America.

  3. Republicans got/get help from the other side, no?

    Pansy ass liberals are many. Just read the effen sites - you know which ones. But I absolutely agree how some liberals sound pretty conservative (and vice-versa) that's why, in case you haven't noticed, I single both ideologies out. I try to steer away from the polarizing stuff unless something punches me in the face.

    Has anyone noticed that both Reid and Dean are against it?

    And you get my point about Obama. I'm sorry you need extra powerful Dove to clean yourself for defending him. I readily admit I'm listening to his rhetoric on the guns than anything. But seriously, at this point, you don't think he'd legislate against that?

    I'm more interested in this gay bar thing.

  4. Well for one thing, a president can't legislate anything, he's not part of the legislature. If Obama wanted to legislate against guns, he would have done it when he was a Senator. Right-wingers just always assume Democrats are going after their guns because... honestly, I don't know why. I guess it's a combination of retardation and paranoia, a sort of retarnoia (or paradation?).

    Republican policy is to fear everything they're told to fear, and Democrat policy is to oppose whatever Republicans are saying because it's usually so embarrassing for the nation, someone has to step in and say "Um, that isn't our stance."

    Frankly, it doesn't matter who is against what in this whole matter. Muslims can build whatever they choose, just as someone can build a gay bar next to it, a strip club on the other side, and a spare ribs joint across the street. But you know what? The Muslims won't complain because if they're living in America, they're used to being surrounded by people who aren't like them. It's Right-Wing, white, Protestants who have such a problem with anything remotely different.

    If there wasn't a Muslim construction project going in, I bet Republicans would be out picketting the building of a gay bar. Honestly, I don't know how it is they are able to keep track of what to feign rage about from day to day.

  5. Dude, if he wants he can do it. He's the Prez - swoosh!

    The perpeption is it's liberals/democrats who speak out against it. But as I showed in a previous post, the perception is the GOP is good for the markets yet the facts show market returns are better under the Democrats!

    You sound like my friend in Boston. However, I don't buy it completely. Democrats demonize and play the fear factor too. Holy Toledo, did you not notice it during the health care debate?

    What is it you don't like about Obama?

    By the way.


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