Orwell Was Prescient

England has a 'Head of Behaviour Change?'

You know what? I think it's time they stop saying "We haven't been invaded and conquered since 1066." I think something is going down in the UK that's more sinister than William the Conquerer.


  1. Oh please. You're flipping shit over a title? What about me saying Bush was a Nazi because he appointed someone to defend the Homeland (which is just a gender neutral and inclusive way of saying "Fatherland")?

    What's in a name... a beauracrat by any other name would be just as harmless. I would bet their sole job is to encourage different habits among the citizens, which is something Americans could use. Maybe the first habit should be actually reading Orwell, so these "Orwellian" comparisons can be put to rest.

  2. Not sure if I understand your first bit.

    It's a stupid title.

    And that better not be you in the avatar.

  3. Oh by the way. I read Orwell - three times. I'm not one of those people who quotes things without reading them. Let's get that out of the way buster.

    That's exactly, to me anyway, what his point was.

    What did you get out of it?

  4. It is a stupid title, but it's not as Orwellian as the "Department of Defense," whose sole job seems to be invading other countries.

    That title pretty much says what it is, it's not a euphemism. It could only be more accurate if it was "The Minister Of Correcting Your Stupid-Ass Habits."

    And that's my dog, who's way prettier than me.


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