Terrorist Plot Uncovered

So. Terrorists wanted to take out the Parliament building. So much for the theory of "if we distance ourselves from the U.S. they'll leave us alone." Here's the article at the CBC. The last paragraph I found interesting:

"Their profiles are likely to raise concerns about homegrown radicalism, said security expert Eric Margolis, who said the roots of the radicalism is likely triggered by anger over the involvement of Western governments in countries such as Afghanistan."

I'm not so sure about this. Wasn't it assumed or posited that terrorists were from poor, uneducated backgrounds? Of course, we now know it's not the case. I've always felt they'd find other excuses to commit such crimes. What they "say" is their reasons for it may mask the real point: Power and dominance regardless of who is "involved." After all, they do kill their own.

I know someone who was an air marshall in the RCMP and is currently on patrol with them. Without getting into specifics, he basically said it's worse than people think. The cops know more or less where the cells are but can't act.

There's also a very curious line of logic among people who are not taking this seriously claiming we're over reacting. One went as far as to ask officials release the suspects lest we look like an anti-Muslim country.

Look. We're not anti-Muslim; we're defending our security interests against terrorists who happen to be Arab terrorists. Just like those in the States who want to protect the borders aren't anti-immigration but want the Federal government to uphold immigration laws.

In neither case is it driven by xenophobia. Sure, it may attract some a-holes but we shouldn't mix things up. Truth is, it's the media that conjures up images of fear. They're always coming up with a "backlash against Muslims or Hispanics feared" headline even though, save a precious few isolated incidences, it's never really happened.

What's so difficult to grasp?


  1. "Eric Margolis, who said the roots of the radicalism is likely triggered by anger over the involvement of Western governments in countries such as Afghanistan."

    Complete head in the sand bullshit. Guys like this don't want to address the problem head on, i.e. that we are facing violence from people with a Dark Ages mentality armed with 21 Century weapons.

    These radicals hate anything and anyone who isn't subservient and in fear of themselves and their 10th Century ideas. The foreign policy of the U.S. and other countries is just the excuse of the day these religious lunatics are using to justify their hatred of educated women, religious beliefs (or none at all) that differ from their own. These crackpots for God despise societies based upon something other than bullying and intimidating in the name of their deity.

  2. Watch it Zeus. Don't you know it's all fear mongering?

    I agree 100%.

    You know what else is bull shit? My friend was telling me how the bank he works for bends over backwards to accommodate Muslim prayer in the workplace. Meanwhile, religious Christians (of which they exist and they're not all nut cases despite the prevailing attitude), were never allowed to practice anything on premises. Secular, remember?

    It's a blanket-blatant double standard and apparently, we have to accept it.


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