Rethinking And Retooling What Should Be Obvious


I meet a few of his suggestions. Liberal arts education (History Major), speak three languages (albeit terribly. I think Canadians and Quebecers in particular have a natural advantage and luxury on this front. Too bad we act like parochial jackasses that threatens it), travelled (modest but plan to do more), strong knowledge of the classics (trends never interested me except to keep an eye out for them. It's funny, knowing the classics helped me detect bull shit. By classics I include music), I consider myself to possess high personal moral and believe religion and ethics (and basic finance) should be taught before Women in Ethiopia courses.

So according to this guy, I have most of the tools necessary to beat up the Chinese and Indians. Yet, I barely got anywhere - well, there were some achievements but not what I was looking for - which admitedly was my fault. I mean, I wanted to be the King of Siam and was sent into a sad, downward tail spin when I found it no longer existed. Thailand didn't have the same ring, you know?

Wo. I thought this was about taking out the Uzbekistani's not about me!

You think there was demand for a guy like me in the market place the last few years? Na-ah. How do you even begin to explain on a piece of shit CV what you're really about? The only thing a CV is good for is to make sure you're not hiring a nut job who can't hold down a job. Other than that, it's a fucking crap shoot. Many applicants have learned to master "what employers" want (read: deceive) during an interview it's hard to really detect the real character of a person. You only know once they're in and by that point government regulations (yes, depending on the industry and situation I know) make it hard to fire their asses since they're already up to speed on "les normes" before you are.

Hate people like that.

Shit, just went on a resume rant. Cool.

Any. Way.

If anything, the mean, cold word was hostile to my philosophical outlook. "What are you gonna do with that degree? And why are you reading Aristotle and Cicero? I get all sorts of comments from the "realist" peanut gallery. Somehow, to them, I'm wasting my time.

We'll see how all this culminates into once I open the day care.  Still, I'm not going to pat Mr. Mead's on the back for something that's effen obvious to me.

Other than that, fat Chinese kids make me laugh.

Read Mead's take here.


  1. You know what you call a fat Chinese person?

    A "chunk."

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  2. Did you make that up? 'Cuz if you did, patent it or some shit.

    Man we had a laugh on that.


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