What Obama Should Do

For eight years, the President of the United States, I feel, was a divisive President. His rhetoric wasn't any less controversial than Trump. He was just less overt about it. But the quotes are there for public record.

It's a tone people felt and part of the reason why they elected Trump.

It's a perception that's out there. But you know what he should do that could go a long way to soften that legacy up a little?

Speak out, since he always seemed to have an opinion on everything, about the reaction to the election which I think many people find troubling and distasteful. This is not about freedom of opinion; this is people not accepting the democratic choice of a nation.

I saw this with Harper here and it left a (perhaps permanent) bitter taste in my mouth with progressives and faux liberals who reacted in similar fashion. These assholes always lecture people about what's right and they never ever practice it when they have a chance to do so. They're just immature middling minds not worth much.

He should remind people Trump was fairly elected. That they were the ones who were angry when Trump said he wouldn't accept the results in the event of a Hillary win but are doing the very same thing they denounced. (Naturally, they have no principles as I keep pointing out). That the system that gave him two terms is not suddenly a system that needs to be changed because their choice didn't get in. Read them the birds and the bees. The riot act.

He should personally condemn the baseless hurls and accusations of racism and misogyny. This stuff doesn't damage anything except the integrity of the nation he led. A word on this would do much in many books to rethink his legacy.

He should demand that Americans respect the outcome and be quiet.

Finally, he should address the people and ask they come together as one nation.

It would be an act of true leadership.

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