Trudeau To Not Attend Tyrant's Funeral; Problem Is Governor-General Will

Canada's lead foreman Justin Trudeau will not be attending 'that guy who shall not be named' funeral - I'm not sure why he's having one since he's going straight to hell. While it should end this sad saga it doesn't.

The Governor-General David Johnston - a symbol of this country - will.

Not acceptable.

A low level official would have been more appropriate. Personally, I would not have spent a red cent and send anyone but you have to be pragmatic. These are, after all, red Liberals in power.

For shame.

When the Liberals were acting like a bunch of corrupted and anti-American lunatics under Chretien I was pretty embarrassed. Back come the Liberals and they've once again thoroughly humiliated this country by way of Justin's ill-thought words regarding a tyrant from Cuba.

Justin keeps babbling about 'Canadian values' when in reality he's just talking about his values and attempts to project them onto us. I don't share a single value he and his merry band of vapid left-wingers espouse; the predictable and boring static economic spend and tax policies of the Liberals couples with potentially low growth may not end well for them.

See, to come back to that murderer and his death, I think of all the people rotting in graves and the bottom of the ocean unclaimed by their families or languishing in prison or who were tortured by an evil man and his minions.

To talk highly of him on any level points to a lack of humanity as far as I'm concerned.

Couillard called him a 'giant'. I have a better term: A piece of shit.

For shame indeed.

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