Trump Smashed The Narrative

Man oh man.


I am thoroughly enjoying Trump's victory. For a couple of reasons.

One, it signals the rational adults had enough and reigned the lunatics running the asylum. They let them do their thing of bashing Western civilization and acting like a bunch of brain dead carcasses (see university campuses for an example) and then said, 'Okay, children. Come in, wash up and get ready for bed."

The United States - the last line of defence protecting Western civilization - woke up and put an end to the forces that were denigrating it.

Trump doesn't even have to do anything. Sane people are just going to come in and clean it up.

And what are the left doing? Doubling down. Only those honest with themselves aren't pushing it - and by the way they're the ones we should extend an olive branch to. But suddenly everyone is getting beaten up - blacks, gays, Muslims, handicaps. As if the United States at its core are savages.

Of course none of it is true. I have a friend in Holland who is freaking out saying he won't come to America.

They have no clue what they see is all a lie. All set up by the DNC and the media hacks who served them - and probably a little Soros in there too.

Lies. I can't stress this enough. Everything you hear about alleged violence and even stories about Trump are all LIES.

Deprogram yourselves and see the light!

And two, it's smashing narratives. All of a sudden you can see Obama's spirit just....disappear like in ghost movies. The cynical, jaded and pompous pop celebrity governance of the last eight years are gone. No more talking down to citizens. No more divisive talk on race. SJW ignorant rhetoric will also recede. Gone.

This is not say there aren't any concerns. I'm a little wary of some of his potential nominations and there's still a possibility he governs like Berlusconi did in Italy.

Nonetheless, all things told, the United States did the right thing. They dodged a HUGE massive bullet by swatting Hillary away. Her karma was just bad and the country didn't need another four years of Democrat control.

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