Phrases I Hate: Mixed Economy; Electric Cars Not Clean; 'I Fucking Love Science' Phoniness

When they began teaching economics in junior high and high school we taught Canada possesses a 'mixed economy'. It was presented as a matter of fact that this was healthy and proof that compromise and cooperation works....for the 'common good' or 'greater good' - jots down notes on other Phrases I hate. 

First, a definition.

"A mixed economic system is an economic system that features characteristics of both capitalism and socialism. A mixed economic system protects private property and allows a level of economic freedom in the use of capital, but also allows for governments to interfere in economic activities in order to achieve social aims."

"...Mixed economic systems are not laissez-faire systems, because the government is involved in planning the use of some resources and can exert control over businesses in the private sector. Governments may seek to redistribute wealth by taxing the private sector, and using funds from taxes to promote social objectives. Trade protection, subsidies, targeted tax credits, fiscal stimulus and public-private partnerships are common examples of government intervention in mixed economies. These usually do not generate massive economic distortions, but instead are instruments to achieve specific goals...."

And this is where the 'mix' actually becomes over-regulated. We don't see it but what is the cost of regulation? 

Staggeringly significant actually. According to some studies, American's are 75% poorer because of it. Its $17 trillion economy could be estimated at $54 trillion.

Now if you're predisposed to believe or think markets are inherently greedy and inefficient then you may accept government interventionism. If you think the natural state of economic interaction is voluntary, then free markets are the only way to go - warts and all. I subscribe to the latter.

Regardless, the challenge is to get people to start considering the 'unseen' of all government intervention. 

The bold part is another way of saying 'vulnerable to cronyism' (by the way, lobbying is not cronyism. 


Of course, we also vastly over estimate and over value politicians who contribute their fair share to holding back progress.

Consider one Anne Castro Chair of the Broward County Planning Council who said, "Until you make it so painful that people want to come out of their cars, they're not going to come out of their cars...We're going to make them suffer first, and then we're going to figure out ways to move them after that because they're going to scream at us to help them move."

This is the sort of short-sighted, arrogant, middling minds that run things across the continent.

It's quite a stunning statement when you think of the contempt she holds for people who don't live their lives according to the needs of public transit. 

But what does she care, right? You actually think this air headed parasite is going to use public transit? 


Which brings me to a quick point about the environment where public transportation is concerned. Dunno 'bout you Willis, but despite all the doom and gloom and hysterics by environmentalist two trends contradict their claims where cars are concerned.

For example, EV cars are highly inefficient (we do not have economies of scale) and bad for the environment (the battery creation and disposing of question alone is a massive issue not yet fully understood not too mention contributing to air pollution ) whereas gas powered cars have never been cleaner - and technology continues to make it better just as is the case with fossil fuels.

Truth is, EV cars, though growing, just isn't at a point of maturation for mass consumption. It's possible it can one day but who knows what will happen by the time it does? For all we know, we may find or develop better alternatives.

EV's in cars is one thing. But North America is a vast continent where transportation is critical to our integrated economies. We need this to continue safely and without interruption. An EV version of a Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F-150, or Toyota Tacoma is long off. Never mind about vans and trailers. 

Same can be said of climate global apocalypse. My guess is a shift in Mother Nature's attitude and improving technology will once again have the last say over the 'settled science' cult.


Speaking of which, I was pointed to 'I fucking love science' FB page the other.

Basically it's a page for non-science people who love science things who seem to have a penchant to share pictures and act like their blinded by science.

In other words, it's fucking lame and has little to do with actual science and its methods.

My suspicion is it was started by 'look at all those crazy climate deniers we should start something to show we fucking love science!'. Wouldn't surprise me if they believe stupid statements like the 'science is settled!"

But what do you expect in a time where it's accepted non-scientists like Bill Nye and astro-physicists but poor philosophical intellectuals like De Grasse-Tyson re revered for making it 'easy'.

Who died and let these two in charge of science? At this point, if you're citing them, I'm guessing you're not that into science. At all.

What's next? 'I fucking love history?' 'I fucking love chemistry?' 'I fucking love home ec?'

What really really fucken bothers me about all this shit is whenever you talk to one of these glaze for brains dipshits, they project their nonsense and ignorance on to you. They presume because this is the extent of which they want to engage in science they can't fathom people go a step further and actually understand things on a deeper level.

Worse, they're more political than they are scientific. Attacking people you disagree with by posting some bull shit, vapid De Grasse quote is not fucking science you assholes. It's just a bunch of hipster douches pretending to be cool by latching on to 'science' things.

Along the lines of: OMG! AND LOL! Trump supporters are sooo stooopid check this pic about creationism here! LOL, LOL!


Which is where we're at with the pants hitting climate retards crowd versus the skeptics.

They lost me at 'we must imprison skeptics'. For that, may they drown in a tsunami of their own smug  totalitarianism; with a cherry on top.

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