Stupid Celebrities

Celebrities urging people 'to fight back' and others want to beat Trump with a baseball bat (including DeNiro - he who espouses anti-vaccine drivel).  It's an impressive list including Madonna and Lindsay Lohan.

Go give a concert to people who give a fuck.

Fight back against what?


The will of the people?



  1. Partisanism and entitlement mindset, combined.

    Although, it must be pointed out, one of Trump's flaws is his "linear" perspectives and way of thinking. The way he seems prone to embracing and exuding a lot of the common stereotypes.

    Could be a case of different peas from the same pod, but going off in different directions. A classic case of "divergent syndrome". More a clash of different ideals.
    In other words: We MUST stay divided and adversarial toward one another. Even while chanting the classic "We must get together as brothers and sisters" style mantras.

    1. He's by no means perfect and there are some concerns indeed. I hear he's considering some alt-right guy from Breitbart as Soft or something. Not good. Those people are just as nuts as the far left. But damn if I'm not loving the shrill reaction.


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