The Great Unhinged: This Is Getting Very Serious

It has been quite amusing and entertaining watching people absolutely make total asses of themselves since November 8.

These idiots talk about the fucken children but break just about every rule of common decency, respect and other values we teach our kids thanks to their irrational and unhinged faux self-righteous rage.

Get a grip and grow up.

In the process, they've also in plain view revealed they don't have any principles. They're just over reacting in defending their principal who lacked a disturbing amount of principles herself.

Man, the head is spinning.

Of course, being the authoritarian, anti-intellectual reactionaries that they really are led by a bunch of derelict politicians - like Barbara Boxer and another poser hypocrite far left-wing liar Elizabeth Warren (I'm not holding my punches, eh?)- who should be shown the door, they now want to abolish the electoral college. This is not about serving America. It's rooted in cynical, shameless idiocy.

One question: What happens when their leader loses the popular vote? What makes them so sure they will win every time despite recent history? Never mind America is a constitutional republic of united states.

But tradition and history means shit to ignorant mind.

If the election were based on total popular vote I would have campaigned in N.Y. Florida and California and won even bigger and more easily


Communist comrade Chomsky is at it again. 

Nothing Trump does will please the far left but putting a climate skeptic in charge of the EPA is awesome and a cool piece of trolling.


I mention this crazy story from the University of Virginia because it shows just how deep the virus of progressivism threatens American history.

On slavery, I bet you these nitwits (the staff should be fired by the way) never read a single thing about the history of slavery. They may want to learn Islamic slavery for starters and start to contextualize history rather than let their depraved emotional state drive it.

Why did these assholes freely choose to go to UofV? The university better defend the integrity of its institution at all costs.

DO NOT let the forces of ignorance and SJW prevail.

This is how they do it. Slowly erase the quotes, books etc. And then they go after The Constitution, Politically, they do it by changing the public narrative to go after the parts of TC they don't like. 'Who needs guns?' 'Common sense gun control'. 'You need to balance free speech.' 


Remember Facebook was going to be the saviour of all things civil and good?

They're refusing to remove an 'Assassinate Trump' page.

I truly hope and pray Facebook collapses. Rotten to its core.

Proud to not be on that wretched site run by obviously bias and partisan boneheads.

Yes, it's Infowars but know what? At least Alex Jones covers it.


Right about now we need some humour:


Back to the insanity:

Journalist calls for assassination of Trump.

CEO does the same.

This is in addition to celebrities like DeNiro (who the police really should visit just to make sure he's alright) talking tough about taking baseball bats to Trump's body. Robert, you played Jimmy Conway, you're not Jimmy Conway tufgui. Ma che vergogna verramente.


Last but not least:

"...Zachary Benson, a 24-year-old from the Cleveland suburbs, got an unwanted visit from federal agents inquiring about his tweeted threat to kill President-elect Donald Trump shortly after the New Yorker was declared the winner a week ago.
"My life goal is to assassinate Trump. Don't care if I serve infinite sentences," The Daily Mail quoted Benson as tweeting. "That man deserves to decease (sic) existing." Seconds earlier he tweeted: "Diplomacy. F***ing fools. I hate you all. I want to bomb every one of your voting booths and your general areas."
Remember folks. It's Trump supporters who are violent. If anything, all we're seeing is they're sane, decent and rational in comparison.

And I sure as hell don't recall this happening under Obama - and I was looking for it. Given how the media was totally backing him up, you'd think they'd report on it. So with this unscientific metric, I'm guessing it's worse now.

More to come. This is just too serious to ignore.

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