The Media-Politics-Citizen Relationship; Comments Matter

It's a few times I've heard people begrudge comments on articles around the Internet. I'm not so down on them personally.

It's a form of participatory democracy where people have a chance to voice their opinion. I like to believe on the aggregate this has some weight on the scale of things in the decision making process.

I mentioned this before but I sometimes go straight to the comments section before reading an article.  One thing I've observed for a while now is the disconnect between the views of people in the comments section and the writer.

I don't blame people for thinking journalists to write in a 'I just consulted our betters and here's what we decided you must believe' manner.

People get to voice their opinion and can even be seen as form of keeping a check on our 'masters'. It's democracy in full motion where every possible differing view is expressed.

This is why I abhor censorship of any kind.

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