Video Clip: Trudeau Cultural Relativist Extraordinaire

It's weird. It's like Trump gave me a renewed sense of purpose and vigor to play my tiny part in fighting the good fight.

For eight years people had to endure why they're stupid, racist, misogynistic and any other insult hurled at them for merely having an opinion that differed from whatever shit stained narrative was being pimped out. You could also sense a general overall low morale among entrepreneurs which is not surprising given all the 'you didn't build that' crap pushed by people like Obama and Warren.

Never mind about race relations falling under Obama.

Their rhetoric just wasn't productive and enlightened.

It's going to be refreshing not having progressives get a huge platform to spew their rubbish. Maybe a little 'stabilizing' will take place.

I'm hoping with Trump and May in the UK, Trudeau will be forced into a little more reality based governance.

The last thing I want to hear is Trudeau lecture me about 'Canadian values' as he sees it. I've seen and read enough to know where his views stems from and I completely refute them.

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