The Great Unhinged Continues: Wanda Sykes And John Oliver

They don't even bother to respect their craft anymore. What was comedic in this stupid screed? And to attack PAYING CUSTOMERS?

I was just thinking about this today.

When I see this sort of stuff it drives me crazy. Mostly because it's vapid and arrogant. It disrespects not only people who may disagree but people endowed with a far more powerful mind and wisdom.

When will people like this dolt understand they don't hold the key to any universal truth? And if you're going to incorporate this sort of stuff into your act you may want to, you know, BE FUNNY.

I've grown tired of the lectures. You can't go anywhere without some unread, middling asswipe celebrity spew their emotional gibberish onto you. It's to the point I don't pay to go see concerts anymore. Why should I pay whatever it is they charge to be scolded and lectured by people who, in the end, live in a fucken artistic bubble? I don't consider them to possess any universal wisdom that eludes people. Same with companies like Starbucks who flaunt their politics. What do you think a guy like me will do? Fuck. You.

And this is the fundamental problem with progressivism. It simply presumes others are stupid.


When will they get it?

Another smart-alec progressive  is John Oliver.

"Our future president was supported by a Grand Wizard of the Klan and 60 million people voted for him despite that."

Soooo, 60 million people (34 million of whom voted for Obama) suddenly went full cult for an organization with no teeth, popularity or power mostly existing on the fringes of American social life?

Another example of an asshole thinking he can fool people with his logical fallacy.

As for Trump, Oliver probably knows his family is Orthodox Jewish
John Oliver is the sort of asshole who would lineup first to try and get Rimmler's attention.

Meanwhile, Clinton spoke glowingly of raging racist Robert Byrd at his funeral. Tireless public servant my ass.
Nothing to see here because...The Great Unhinged Continue to poison minds.

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