The Death Of Decorum

Remember when it was considered impolite and 'low class' to talk politics at the table? I 'member. 

Basic etiquette dictated certain social environments were not suited for politics. After all, no one should have to listen to people's unsolicited opinions or rants on politics when it's not expected. 

Naturally, it was common decency to keep a line divided between social settings and politics.

However, we've seen this line be increasingly blurred; particularly in the last eight years. My impression is progressives have become so much more set and determined that their world view is the correct one, they feel it's time to 'lecture' people (like a cult) in public about their political positions. It's a development uniquely stemming from the left and there have been a few articles in the last few years (including the Obama administration who asked people to 'teach' their family members about Obamacare during the Holidays in a déclassé bit of cynical propaganda) including this one from U.S. News titled 'How to lecture Donald Trump voters on Thanksgiving.'

The arrogance and rudeness is quite shocking really.

Is there no respect for other people's decisions anymore? Why can't the left just accept results that go against them? 

If I were in the presence of such people as Andrew J. Rotherham, I'd find a way to politely tell them to fuck off. The only way, at this point, to deal with this utter lack of class is to put people back in their damn place.

Let's just hope people think the better of this and take the high road. 

Happy Thanksgiving Day my American friends! 

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