More Inane Anti-Trump Blatherings

About these protests.

Remember when they screamed, "He's not going to accept the results if he loses! That's not the democratic way!"

Now he won and it's, "He's not my president!"

This is what we call cognitive dissonance.

Or being full of shit.

So much for civility and democracy, huh. 

Again. Pseudo-self-righteous bull shit. Scratch a progressive, find a smug authoritarian loser. 

Here's another. As far as I can remember, the losing candidate always came out to speak to their supporters out of decency and respect.

In progressive logic, Trump would be likely to break this 'sanctity of the politician-citizen' politesse. 

But when Hillary chose to not do so (instead choosing to speak in front of the cameras) she displayed a contempt for her supporters. 

To me, it lent some insights into how she really views people.

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