There's No Such Thing As A Wasted Vote

In investment downturn in markets is a buying opportunity. It's no different when it comes to assessing political outcomes intellectually. The reaction from the losing side of the U.S. election presents an opportunity to challenge and refute claims made by the progressive left.

It's obvious, to anyone who cares to admit it, they're reacting less out of principles and more out of not accepting their candidate lost. In their incredulous minds, this means change is necessary.

They obfuscate the thinking process with blanket claims of racism and misogyny.

Aside, from these assertion comes the notion that voting third party is a 'wasted vote' and therefore 'detrimental' to the two-party system.

No to the former and who gives a shit to the latter.

To think this way is not only profoundly anti-democratic but anti-intellectual. I can't even comprehend how a person voting out of principle - i.e. Gary Johnson - is considered to be wasting their vote. Why should people be forced to vote against their principles; worse have to explain why they did so?

I know in my case, in the last election, had their been a viable 4th option that pulled close to my philosophy and perspectives on things, I would have voted for them. Was I acting derelict?

On the contrary. I was exercising my right to vote. People who vote '3rd party' aren't easily pigeon-holed and tend to be independent thinkers.

In fact, it's downright insulting to those of us who expunge a lot of energy reading and writing about history and politics who happen to have gained (or lost) different perspectives.

Perhaps, in the current calculus of how out systems are designed there's a case to be made that it's 'wasting' but the people who argue this way are just, well, pissed off their side lost and blaming Gary Johnson in the case of the U.S. election is disingenuous and lazy.

Next time put out a better candidate. It shouldn't be too hard to improve on Hillary Clinton.

Stop your crying and your indignant faux self-righteous bull shit and offer real ideas people can support.

Chop, chop.

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