Politicians In Quebec Do What They Do Best: Steal

"In 2007, the Quebec government announced that it wanted to sell three buildings: Place Québec and the J.A. Tardif building in Quebec City, and 500 René-Lévesque Boulevard Ouest in downtown Montreal.
Monique Jérôme-Forget, then finance minister and minister responsible for the SIQ, determined it wasn't the role of the government to manage these buildings, which were not entirely occupied by government offices.
Place Québec was sold to a consortium made up of the real estate branch of the Quebec Labour Federation (FTQ) Solidarity Fund, along with former construction mogul Tony Accurso.
A business owned by George Gantcheff, a major player in the Quebec real estate scene, bought the other two buildings.
Enquête obtained an explosive forensic accounting report commissioned by the SIQ that shows the buyers benefited from significant advantages built into the sales contracts — worth $47 million in all — that were not revealed during the call for tenders.
The SIQ sold the buildings, but it remained a tenant in the offices it had already been occupying."
Wonderful behaviour by our masters.


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