Let It Eat Itself

You do realize all this talk of inequality is rooted in communist philosophy, right? It's nothing but egalitarianism exposing its naked envy. That's all it is.


And so it was. The working class - the proletariat as it were - conquered the aristocracy, the bourgeoisie and all in between they perceived to be exploiting them and getting rich off their tired backs. They took out everyone they could find; even those who may not have been part of the landlord class. Why not?! It was a marvellous macabre minestrone of mayhem for the benefit of all!

All was burned down and destroyed. Properties confiscated. Bosses and their families. Why not?! - put to the walls and shot. They were soaked in their own blood paraded around the town square much to the glee of townsfolk all too giddy with pride taking pictures of the murderous rampage on their free iPhones.

Finally they fell upon Oliver who was the last of the Mohican entrepreneurs; he of the 1% or 1.5% class - it matters none the facts to people filled with rage and envy. All they could see was his Audi Q5. It was bought used off a friend at a discount because Oliver was prudent that way. But who cares?

Audi, right!?

String him up too!

He didn't build that shop on his own! Consistently, he failed to do the right thing. To give free goods and services to the masses who felt entitled to his labor. Beside, what did he do anyway? He inherited  a small fortune from his parents that gave his white privileged ass a head start. It was necessary to cut him and others like him down. To make things equal and fair, you know? Poor Dora and Paul who worked those long, back breaking hours for an unliveable wage! Dora is uneducated and from a poor country but she wasn't really complaining since she wasn't planning on selling Crest and Tylenol for the rest of her life. But Paul. Oh, Paul. He was one angry critter.

He felt he deserved a fair minimum wage for stocking shelves. He couldn't feed his nine kids and two ex-wives on such a meagre salary. Oliver treated his workers as fairly as he good and gave as much as the business could justify. He followed everyone regulation and law however insipid and burdensome. But this don't matter to financial illiterates.

Paul was the first one to greet Oliver as he put the noose around his neck.

Oliver was too distraught and stunned at the madness he was seeing. Paul smiled and said, 'now I will take your business. What you say about that...boss?"

Everyone laughed as harpies flew around aimlessly giggling along.

'Paul. I took care of you. I gave you a job after your release! I paid for your wife's dental work! I put you on a health plan!'

'You call that a health plan!?'

'It's all I could afford!'

'Well, you shoulda thought about that before you bought your fancy car, no?

'That? I paid it less than a Prius!'

'You didn't need the Audi. The rest of us can't get one so why should you? And another thing. Who needs all those kinds of soaps? One brand, one scent is enough!'

'My God. You've...lost your mind!'

'Yes because I was busy working to make you rich!'

Paul stops and turns to the increasingly shrill crowd.

'What we need is common sense maximum salaries! It's people like this greedy huckster causing all this inequality!'

Paul pulled out a karambit and licked it gently. 'Your store. The one you didn't build. The one you got your goods transported on the road we built....it's mine now!'

'What roads? What are you talking about? Paul, listen to me, you don't know the first thing about running a business. It's a headache. Believe me. It's...'

'Shut, up!'

Paul then slit Oliver's throat as everyone cheered. They then gathered around and noticed the stores without its owners.

'Now what?' Someone shouted.

Paul looked around and pointed. 'You! Yeah you!' Go business!'

'But I don't want to business!'

He walked up to the person and pointed his karambit, 'Business. Or else.'

Soon, all the stores had someone in them but nothing really happened.

And Paul was glad. 'Ah, this is more like it. It's a new dawn.'

Off in the distance stood two people stand in deep thought. One of them breaks his silence and says, 'We should intervene, Gabriel!'

'No, no.' Gabriel replies.

'But they've lost all reason!'

'Yes they have Dante. But let them turn on one another. Only then can we come in and start afresh.'

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