Progressive Left Media: Liars

Projection much?

Here's your typical left-wing lies from The Week that mislead the people:

There isn't a shred of evidence this would happen. But once again, we're seeing 'peaceful progressive protestors' not exactly behaving themselves.

In the run up to the election, it was progressives and Hillary supporters vandalizing property, provoking people at Trump rallies and causing all-around trouble. 

We have evidence of it left, right and centre. Wikileaks released emails that prove this was a tactic from the DNC. We had people brazenly express they were doing so in places like The Washington Post in an abdication of journalistic integrity. They justified their criminal acts as self-righteous. 

Remember the lies about Tea Party people allegedly being racist and violence? Never happened. Like the polls, people were covering this and showing the exact opposite was happening. Meanwhile, OSW came with unrest and police provocation.

OSW protestors were arrested and there a public records showing this. There is precious little if any on the Tea Party side.

Yes. What I am saying is all the civility was one side. And it ain't the full of shit progressive left.

Call them out when they do it.



Mother Jones and The Daily Beast do good work. Heck, they even have integrity. They don't need to go this route.

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