Drain The Swamp

Oh man, am I loving latest bit of schadenfreude.

"U.S. EPA employees were in tears."http://www.eenews.net/stories/1060045642 

While idiot celebrities are missing the whole point - as ignorant narcissists are apt to do - THIS is the reason why Americans rebelled. They were being mistreated by government over reach in their lives.

The EPA in particular was out of control destroying numerous families and businesses along the way.

I have ZERO sympathy for these workers. None. 

Let's chalk this up to karma.

Some Tweets:

@kerpen @EENewsUpdates Good. Now go out in the real world and try to actually contribute to society.

@kerpen if I were an IRS employee that had been politically targeting certain groups I might be a bit nervous right n.

Drain the swamp as Trump put it.

Tweet of the day:

RT @kerpen "U.S. EPA employees were in tears."

@kerpen they could donate their tears to some drought areas

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