Trump Is The Kicking In The Ass America Needed

I don't like Trump.

But here's the thing. He's exactly what that country needs at the moment. It doesn't need more 'insider gaming' or more policy pretending to be 'smart power' or anything like that.

Rather, it needs to get moving. I doubt Trump can deliver on some of his promises, and there's enough of a small track record to be concerned about but I don't think if it translates into getting people off their asses and out of the welfare lines, stop calling for free shit and do what America is meant to to - be productive better than any country - then this may be a good rude awakening.

I don't think people appreciate what kind of swift kick in the ass and a big fuck you this was to Washington.


I see the left are just about as unhinged and irrational as ever.

Good to see their respect for democratic outcomes and civil discourse remains untarnished as ever. The cognitive dissonance and outright hyper and hypocritical rantings are epic and off the charts.

It's about democracy...until it isn't...and doesn't go their way. Expect the children to continue their tantrum.

No it wasn't because of racism or misogyny or whatever. Quite frankly, if you think this way you have a shallow view of human nature and politics. I think if you fool yourself into thinking this way, then you may miss some salient and sober realities.

All projection with them.

Love the one where Maddow blamed the loss on - get this - Gary Johnson (but third party!) who garnered a whopping 3.3% of the vote.

In any event, unfortunately, despite the GOP getting the House, Senate and Presidency, I do see troubling signs on the horizon. Notably, a Marxist tandem of Warren/Sanders in 2020.


When they go low you go high! Hillary didn't even bother to go and address her supporters telling them to go home. She scheduled a 9:30am slot to speak but promptly made people wait until 11:30am.

No class. Not an ethical bone in her body.

No wonder it's been asserted she has little regard for....you know, people.


After two terms and eight years with Obama, maybe people didn't want another four years of Democrat rule and a Clinton.


Hopefully by then these three guys will make headway and prevent it.

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