Waiting For CNN To Disappear

More evidence of CNN a mere propaganda arm of the DNC. NONE of their employees are journalists. Notice Don Lemmon cutting off a person for merely telling the damn truth about Bill Clinton. What piece of shit. This is a network that deserves to disappear.

They're traitors of the American people. They side with a political party and will never defend the interest of citizens.

My mother. My fricken 75 year-old mother who did nothing but watch CNN has switched to Fox she is so thoroughly disgusted with them. She feels shame for having listened to them. Yes, I did try telling her to not watch those idiots. But I did tell her Fox is a better option for the simple fact A) they admit they're conservative and B) are more honourable and won't cut people off like this.

If she did this I can only guess and hope many more are coming to the same conclusions and decisions.

I don't know how anyone an watch that drivel and pablum.

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