About Trump's Loan: You're Not That Smart

People are making a stink of Trump getting a $500 000 loan from his father as if this somehow is a negative mark against him and that somehow it shows hypocrisy given how he acts and talks about his successes.

Aside from the fact it's no one's business what families do with their money, mocking it is misguided. Built into this whine is the assumption that people think if they were lucky enough (unfair!) to get such a loan (or other people's money as they put it) they'd be rich too.

Hate to break it to you but that's not true for most of you.

Not everyone can be a successful entrepreneur. To be in business it takes a certain mindset and drive. The fact is most people would likely squander the money too. It's kinds a law of human nature. The temptation to buy a TV or spend it on stuff is greater than drawing up a business plan or an idea you want to take to market. Or, in the case of Trump, examine real estate.

Another part of the equation is the necessity to take risks. And when you take risk, you stand to lose money no matter how well thought out the plan is.

The vast  majority of people (the ones who won't spend it) are risk averse and a more likely to place the loan in a safe investment.

Think of it this way. If your mother or father gave you a single AA battery and gave you, say $10 000. Could you turn that into a million dollar operation?

Don't piss on people's successes or advantages on what you perceive to be an advantage. You don't know what it took to turn that money into wealth. To think you do is a toxic mix of arrogance, ignorance and envy.

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