Violent Progressives; De Niro's Broken Moral Compass

Here's the latest round of progressives doing what they do. Lie about violence against them but display actual calls for violence against others.

Since Trump's stunning Election Day victory last week, social media hashtags like #AssassinateTrump and #Killtrump have proliferated. Over the weekend, a protester near Trump Tower held aloft a sign calling for future first lady Melania Trump to be violated, echoing a trending hashtag #RapeMelania.
Those who support Trump took to Twitter as well, mostly to voice anger over the social media platform's perceived hypocrisy. They noted hashtag #HillaryForPrison was blocked during the campaign, while #AssassinateTrump was not.
Sick people and sick in the head.

Will the assholes at Twitter who banned Milo ban these pieces of shits?


Here's a video of a student beaten up by classmates for having voted for Trump in a mock election.

Another here.

Never mind the vandalism committed by the idiot protestors - supported by clowns like De Niro. Who threatened to beat Trump with a baseball bat. How he wasn't investigated by police I don't know.

He also said the Trump election was like how he felt on 9/11. What a despicable thing to say. He just cynically took the deaths of 3000 Americans to score a cheap political point.

I have no idea why actors get so much respect like they do. De Niro is an anti-vaccine nut yet he gets invitations like this.

 What I love are the comments. All wrecking him.

Bravo De Niro. Ma va cacarere!

Keep it going progs and watch America turn further red.


In other news, I blew CNN out of my TV package and switched it to Fox.

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