The Unhinged: The Great Safety Pin Revolt And The New Narrative

This is getting, erm, really troubling.

A friend was telling me about a campaign where will wear a safety pin as a symbol of support to those who are threatened by Elmer Fudd.

Kidding. Donald Trump. Who else?

Yeah, that's the ticket. Wearing a safety pin for a non-existent threat rooted in nothing but irrational fear and even animism.

These idiots strongly suggest we teach our children. Damn straight I will. And it's going to be the complete opposite of whatever The Unhinged say.

The FB page claims there have been 26 incidences of violence by Trump supporters. From what he tells me, and I can't confirm the articles and have to go on his word, half are pretty much stupid things  kids do while the other half are likely false flags or jumping to conclusions variety.

However, we DO have plenty of violence by Hillary supporters as I've been sloppily culling over the last few days.

Here's another.

And another.


And another.

But that didn't stop NPR from pumping up and putting fear into people's mind about the alleged rise of 'white nationalism.'

Wouldn't surprise me if someone taking issue with being called a racist qualifies as a 'white nationalist' if I understand and read the progressive mind set correctly.

They did almost have one with the story of the student who tackled anti-Trump protestor in Ohio.

We got it!


"Since last night, it has become clear that my assault was not politically motivated in the way that we previously thought, nor was it committed by a Trump supporter," Adams wrote Tuesday morning on his public Facebook page, according to the school newspaper, the Lantern. "At this time I am working to drop the charges against the person in question."

And apparently a registered Democrat.

Soooo close.

Other than that, the progressive interpretation of what constitutes civility seems to come down to something along the lines of: Peace, love, understanding...get him! 

Where 'getting him' is justified because they hold the moral high ground.

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