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An Open Letter to George Takei:
You've argued that since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, but Donald J. Trump won the electoral vote, "The people elected Hillary, the system elected Donald." Given the corrupt, rigged system you've supported during the last decades, It's hard to take that as anything but hypocrisy.
You must know that the Commission on Presidential Debates exists only to keep out everyone besides the Democrats and Republicans (before the CPD, the League of Women Voters ran open debates). You must know that the cutoff was raised from 5% to 15% after Ross Perot actually made it to 5%, threatening the status quo. You must know that millions of Americans were denied their right to full knowledge of their electoral choices. Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, both anti-war candidates with millions of followers, were hidden from the American people.
Where was your outrage then? When the American people were tricked into believing they had to choose between two pro-war, pro drug war candidates in a rigged debate, where was your moral opposition? When Gary Johnson, a candidate whose foreign policy literally embodies the Prime Directive, was kept hidden, why was your Twitter account silent? 
Do you only stand on principle when it favors your candidate? Do you only notice a rigged system when it hurts your team?
Even Terry Michael, who wrote the original press release announcing the creation of the Commission on Presidential Debates has found the moral courage to oppose that rigged system. Where is yours?
True courage involves standing up to all unfair parts of the rigged election and debate system. "Standing up" to the one part that hurt your candidate AFTER the fact just doesn't cut it. Something tells me that if the situation were reversed, you would have found a way to argue that the electoral college was a good thing after all.
To learn about one party you seem to think Americans do not have the right to know about, please visit LP.org.
In Liberty,
Arvin Vohra
Vice Chair
Libertarian National Committee

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