The Iliberal Party Of Canada Are Cultural Marxists And Moral Relativists

The Liberal party of Canada are clueless and without imagination. It only makes sense to progressive cultural Marxists and relativists to submit Canada to internationalism and multiculturalism.

Based on their views, I clearly run afoul of their social experimentation and engineering. Alas, all I can offer is I'll go down swinging if need be. Canada has lost its identity and its way and the Liberals are not the ones to put it back on track. The author is correct; all we are is a cheap rip off of Scandinavia.

In fact, the Liberals should change their name because these are not your great aunts liberals anymore. They're illiberal. Pure and simple.

On turning their backs on our Western liberal heritage (the true source of our national values), they're damaging Canada. Not enhancing it.

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