Blogs And Alternative Media Stand By The People; Mainstream Media Against It

I'm increasingly growing tired of people who still think the media is objective and performs and maintains some sort of 'professional ethic' denigrate new media and blogs.

It's actually passe.

Blogs are the Edward Snowden of the information era. Without blogs we wouldn't have had a platform for people to speak their minds and more importantly fact check the established legacy media which at this point is indeed clearly littered with liberal bias.

It was blogs, recall, that blew open the steroid scandal while sports journalists closed their eyes to it more concerned with maintaining their access and invitations to cocktail parties. When I used to hear guys like Wilbon flippantly reveal he texted athletes not as a journalist but friends, I knew the relationship was too tight to possibly provide any real journalism. Why risk losing being friends with Lebron, right? Not worth it.

But the thing that bothers me is they then turn around and claim to be 'gatekeepers' of hard news while bashing blogs.

Total fucking horseshit. Blogs were doing the dirty work journalists were too cool to do.

And it ain't getting better. Witness the recent comments from NBA coaches. How in the world are we to take them seriously given their sport has a history of substance and spousal abuse? Do they honestly think alienating half the population is wise and that people don't spot the hypocrisy?

The thing that keeps getting overlooked is many blogs are actually run by experts in their fields. Be it science, sports, economics, politics and yes, investigative journalism. Real bleeping journalists who take their craft seriously and with integrity don't give a shit about texting celebrities. They want to get to the source of the truth. They've been pushed out of the mainstream because they threaten the whole rotten elitist structure that has media, politics and celebrity conspiring against the population at large.

If anything this election showed was it blew open just how much they hold their readers in contempt. They didn't do their fucking jobs and quite frankly I have no idea how anyone can cite or source whores like The New York Times. How can you possibly trust them? Or NBC or any other fake newsite?

Blogs and the 'alternative' media (except the shrill clowns at The Young Turks) did us all a great service and favor. They warned and explained why Trump could win. They exposed Hillary Clinton for the corrupted, lying, inept, self-entitled, foul-mouthed, enabler of a serial sexual assaulter she is. We saw it plain her words thanks to wikileaks.

It's not The Washington Post who did it. It was the blogs who had their Woodward and Bernstein moment. When was the last time you read The New York Times do right by the citizens? How can they when they're busy cleaning up the shit of the DNC?

It's basic logic. Conflict of interest damages and destroys integrity. Simple. You don't need a $200 000 degree from Columbia to grasp this.

The media, to close, above all, did its part in fomenting the corrosive division among the people. Day in and day out we're told 'smart people' vote Democrat.

Fuck off.

Plenty of smart people with degrees are fully capable of being liars, corrupt and plain old stupid. Holding a fricken degree is not an automatic ticket to being intelligent or understanding human nature. Conversely, blue collar deplorables are fully capable of understanding when they're being insulted and can easily match wits with so-called urban intelligence.

I've met my fair share of assholes with degrees and I've met my fair share of naturally smart people without them. I've met racist progressives and I've met racist low-income people - though I'm pretty sure the former is a much more corrosive form of it since they tend to gain power and influence. Think eugenics.

So my progressive friends best to be humble. You're not that smart.

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  1. College degrees and professional credentials are a lot like the written laws and bureaucratic regulations---primarily clinical in nature, linear in concept, and without any nuances.


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