Lunatics Running Asylums

The University of Oregon is run by thought police quacks and idiots:

"Cultural appropriation is the act of borrowing or using aspects of a culture by another culture, typically a dominant culture. Around the time of Halloween, we often see people dressing as a culture or a character, which is offensive and reinforces negative stereotypes. These costumes reinforce racism, sexism, and classism. As active and respectful members of the OSU and the UO communities, we expect everyone to not engage in cultural appropriation."

Hm. Go fuck yourself you ignorant douches seems appropriate here.

I bet you the person or persons writing this rubbish were eating pizza while not being Italian at the time.

Jesus, what a bunch of asses.

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  1. An anglo dude on his lunch break ...
    ...asking himself: "Should I go for Mexican or Chinese this time? Oh what the hell ...think I'll check out that French cafe that just opened down the block."


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