The Great Unhinged Continues

Again, keep in mind, think about what the alternative was in that miscreant Hillary Clinton. The epic logic fail is stunning.

Like I said, the hypocrisy on display is off the charts.

What the fuck is going on?

Now we have sports coaches suddenly speak about misogyny and race? Are they fucking kidding me? After all that we've seen in sports with spousal abuse and its own race issues, they actually are going to go after Trump? I wonder how many of these full of shit athletes and coaches turned a blind eye not only to those things but drug abuse and violence as well. Celebrities are the last people who should be freaking talking.

Oh my Lord.

Lebron James said he's 'not sure' if he'd visit the White House.

Imagine if someone did that to Obama. Remember when Bruins goalie Tom Thomas didn't go? The left lost their minds.

Steve Kerr, Richard Jefferson, Steve van Gundy, you condescending little prick, you're repeating the very drivel that people are tired of. You clearly voted for Clinton. How many times do people have to explain she was not the right candidate given her own stupidity?

And this shit Trump is racist is horseshit. That was the media manipulating his words. He said unsavoury things but none rise to racism and misogyny. But in today's hysterical world of PC and SJW nuttery, the standard to qualify as such are very low. Shit, a quarter of things I say here can easily pass as racist or misogynistic.

Again. Like the celebrities. Shut up you clowns. If anything, since we talk about the children, I'm going to teach my kid exactly how not react when things don't go your way and to know how to distinguish what is hypocrisy and what are principles.

I don't think these people who displaying faux-self-righteous bull shit it's the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY they disrespecting. Not Trump. Not only that they're belittling the entire process of democracy and the results that come with it. They just freaking alienated 60 million Americans!

The very action on display I guarantee they would not tolerate towards Obama. I guarantee you they'd flap their mouths about how 'disrespectful' it is and all that.

Guarantee because this is all part of the reason Trump was elected. He flushed it all out and they still don't get it.

Are they this arrogant and narrow in their thinking?

They truly believe they sit on a perch above the people.

Thanks assholes. Now you have me rooting for Trump.

Someone should invent a game: CELEBRITY HYPOCRISY.

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